When land unfolds

We unfold the land carefully, to tell untold stories, to learn from history, to protect natural integrities and to reveal hidden possibilities
 The existing civic square site is a flat site housing several significant features. However due to its flatness of the terrain, orientation & style of the existing buildings, foliage of existing mature trees and the design of the street “boundary”, the resulted atmosphere is less inviting as it should be.
Our proposal strives to infuse vitality into the square through several strategies connected to the idea of “unfolding the land”. A new layer of topography, consist of green islands, submerged land, stairs and new vegetation will be introduced in between the existing buildings & mature trees.
Historically, This strategy is a respect to the mana whenua practice which revolves around the land and people, and the agricultural past of Heretaunga.Practically, This integration of architecture and landscape will provide different definition of open spaces & enclosed spaces of varied size and spatial quality that allows different types of activities to take place, flexible and adaptable for change of use. This is also adhered to the holistic approach of sustainable design, the idea of thermal mass. Experientially, This will provide an outdoor atmosphere that consists of sequences of unfolding views both horizontally and vertically, that allows human activities to be celebrated visually, further enhancing the park-like character of the site.